A View for the Magazines (Milan)

Milan is one of the many places that every fashion enthusiast wants to visit. From designer stores to custom shops the city of Milan is full of character. One bit of character that cannot be overlooked is the beautiful architecture that graces the streets. One building in particular that I admired was the Duomo where I climbed 237 stairs and gained a life-changing view. This Gothic style masterpiece is one that many come to see and is not for the faint of heart so if you’re afraid of heights, well, bring a buddy. The sights, once you reach the balcony, although beauty is nothing compared to that of the rooftop once reaching the top visitors, must watch their step on the slanted walkways that make for a picture perfect moment. Once reaching the top you are able to see a large portion of Milan and feel a great sense of accomplishment for climbing 237 stairs, and yes we counted. ​


Like a movie (Poppi)

Although the roads were winding on our way to the destination I found Poppi to be one of my favorite stops on our tour of Italy. Upon arriving in Poppi we were graced by yet another rainy day. At this point in the trip, our group had become well accustomed to the treacherous weather of Italy, so this did not put much of a damper on our adventures. On our first day in Poppi, we were able to enjoy many unique sites such as castles, chapels, and rigorous Hills, many of which we hiked. But weather and sore feet aside the sights of Poppi were unlike any other, The constant thought that crossed my mind was “ Am I on a movie set?” The foggy hills and cobblestone streets are something straight out of a romance novel and the fantasy-like castle add even more to that Ambiance. It is only after you enter these extravagant places do you learn that the stories line up more with that of a war movie. Among the many castles was sawed we were able to learn about Dante and his inspiration as well as learning a few Italian phrases in a lesson in the mists of a small village. This small town, although not very popular with tourist groups is definitely not one I would have wanted to miss. The Locals all are very accommodating and the stories you will hear are enough to inspire any writer. .